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Man United vs Valencia Live® Stream™ Online TV

The fans of the trip, week after week, are the ones that bring the noise and atmosphere that the sponsors of the Champions League acquire while transmitting to the world.

The English Premier League took the time to realize this, but they did and there has been significant progress made by fan groups, such as the Football Fan Federation, with respect to the prices of the tickets of the best airlines. Tickets now have a cap of $ 39, an achievement given that Arsenal charged $ 83 to fans traveling in 2014.

Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo during the match of Serie A against Lazio. Photo: Reuters
Revenues from ticket sales used to be the most important income for a club, but now they make their money easier elsewhere, mainly through television or commercial activities. The prices of the tickets hardly increase in the Premier League, which engenders the good will of the fans, if the constant changes of the times of launching to adapt to the television do not do it.

In Italy, United fans will pay US $ 1.30 less to visit Juventus next November than when they paid US $ 72 for a game in 1999.

But it is different in Spain, where no club sells its stadium regularly.

Manchester United coach José Mourinho finally takes a sheet of time from Real Madrid and Chelsea winning hearts and minds

Athletic Bilbao, a fantastic club with good social conscience, did not seem so admirable when they charged the United fans 104 dollars for a Europa League ticket behind a wire fence in 2012. Villarreal charged the fans $ 87 for sit behind a giant network. Four of the most expensive tickets in United’s history for a non-final or semi-final game have been for matches in Spain, where monthly salaries of USD1,155 are normal among the working class.
The Portuguese coach of Manchester United, José Mourinho, gives instructions to his players against the fans of Sevilla. Photo: AFP
When the Belgian club Anderlecht charged the Bayern Munich fans $ 115 per ticket, the Bayern fans protested and their club got reimbursements. United and Sevilla, however, were involved in an absurd situation in which both subsidized their own fans to avoid being cheated on their legs.

This is not a problem for UEFA because, according to its rules, it is up to the individual clubs to set their ticket prices.

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